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23 iul. 2011

Summer Camp with Safer internet

Guest pots by Roxana Eremia (21 years old) due to her participation at my training & workshop during Summer Camp from the begging of this week. I also enjoyed reading what the other youngsters told about day no.4. Congratulations Roxana for your story!

Most of us are using the internet. Including children who don`t know how to protect themselves in virtual word. And that is Safer internet for. In this international  program are involved many volunteers, but only the most active of us could participate in this summer camp organised by Save the Children Romania at Moeciu, during one week. There were ten participating countries as Romania, UK , Bulgary, Germany, Ciprus , Moldavia , Estonia, Portugal, Irland and Slovenia .

During the first day, we met and found out a little about each other by playing some energizers or by socializing at dinner. This was for accomodation. Next days we made teams for some fun activities like reproducing dances from the  Spice Girls video, Beatles or Backstrees Boys or even MJ. It was fun to see how people can perform in few minutes what the artists did in several weeks.

We also made a competition with Sumo, Twister and Special Footbal. The winner was team no. 6. Congrats!

That was the resum of fun part. The safer internet part was to make teams  for writing a project so the best team to receive the plan of implementing the respective project.

So, before now everything was cool. The food is good, the location is beautiful, the trainers are nice and the ideas are excelent. We have time to relax, to have fun, to learn, to come with new ideas, to practice English or to learn words in different languages. And this is great.

During the next summer camp organized by Save the children Romania I hope to meet you there!

P.S. Be an active volunteer to be here with us!


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