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18 iul. 2011

Let`s blog about it!

I pull my English out of the gutter and here it is my first post in other language than my mother-tongue. First, i`ve decided to express my ideas as such because of my presence at the International Summer School (The Safer Internet Center in Romania), where i am supposed to train over 40 teenagers on blogging.

I presented my experience as a Romanian blogger starting from what to do as a beginner and how to go on in order to be successful with your personal blog. Since i got inspired by the anniversary of a friendly blogger, three days ago, my presentation was as funky as i could manage to do it in several minutes after my arrival in the camp (yes, Dragos, no trackback this time as there is no writing about love involved here).

Second of all, i`ve decided to turn this post into one of the exercices of the workshop i have also hold, namely to show to how an article is published on one`s personal blog. My intention was to ask the kids to enter their names at the end of these lines before publishing them in front of their eyes. It wasn`t possbile because of the poor Internet connection, however, since i want them too feel bloggers for a day :D, i asked them to put in writting their experiences during this Summer School so i could post the one i like most on blog. Deadline untill Friday, July 22 (for teenagers attending this morning at training and workshop express yourself and email me at @ Summer School is organised by Save the Children Romania with the aim to involve children in leisure activities, team building games, presentantions on safty internet and projects. Last year seemed to have fun.

All in all i enjoy fresh air, grass and the company of the team from Kaspersky Lab – not necessarily in that order :))

PS. Experience for camp lovers only otherwise…. 🙂

PPS. Moeciu de Sus has a VERY poor Internet connection! Not recommended for Social Media addicted people 😀

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